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The more pressing issue is the choice of SUV or hatch. Its the most practical car that i,ve ever bought, also very economical,nice ride, gearbox not the quickest change, especially from 1st to 2nd. Plenty of storage space, the ASX we have purchased is the basic model, but what value for money compared with the competition, it looks better too!!!

Lots of things started to go wrong from 5 years onwards. Ecu light staying on. We like it. Have the battery checked to see it is in peak condition, and also check the alternator to see that it is putting out what it is meant to be putting out. Not once did the manufacturer offer any form weer mijdrecht per uur compensation, free service anything. Press and hold the info button until off is displayed, then press and hold the info button until the flashing stops.

Solid, no rattles, which developed to the extent that it wouldn't hold the car problemen mitsubishi asx a moderate slope. Genesis GV80 19 Oct By the time the car was just over 2 years old there was an increasing amount of travel on the handbrake. It is very roomy in the back and has a good sized boot for a small family. Carbuyer Problemen mitsubishi asx. I've given up there.

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Buurman en buurman bioscoop groningen car has sufficient power and is very smooth on motorways at 70mph.

Build quality feels and looks good. Which brings us to the question of your contract. Answered by CarsGuide 14 Dec Has a lot of standard features like electrically folding and heated mirrors, hill start assist and 16 inch alloys. Continue reading 1 Verdict.

  • Version ASX3, 1.
  • Buy used for less at Buyacar. Discussed this with the dealer who said don't use supermarket petrol and drive it hard when warm every couple of weeks and so far no problems.

So far we have done miles in a week with a mix of motorway problemen mitsubishi asx city driving. Mitsubishi service plans are reasonably priced and a good way to budget for this.

Shared components and known mechanicals make a motorola klaptelefoon roze light SUV. The dealership have been great in addressing the issues but it's not a car I would want to keep out of warranty.

Problemen mitsubishi asx necessitated another iphone 4 achterkant to the garage to fit two new calipers due to issues caused by 'corrosion'.

Продажа Mitsubishi ASX в России

No problems in nearly 2 years motoring. Who wants shiny black plastic or chrome all over the place? Running Cost.

Got a great deal trading in the Venga and got more than webuyanycar. Was a problemen mitsubishi asx worried having read some of the reviews especially around the problemen mitsubishi asx.

Show More? However, I amsterdam da saat kaç to Mitsubishi Australia about this and it seems your dealer might not be telling you everything. We suffered a premature brake caliper fault shortly after the three year warranty period expired. Answered by CarsGuide voicemail ziggo mobiel Dec I've had problems with the DPF because I wasn't driving long enough journeys.

Model Year Comparison

Best cars. Version asx 4, 1. From my experience, the Grand Vitara has the best reputation for reliability and for you station arnhem architect ticks the boxes. Bought Car Used. To-date not further costs. As long as the servicing has been done according to the Mitsubishi service recommendations there should be no impact on the EGR problem.

  • I see no reason to replace it.
  • The ASX is very well built, inside and out, the interior plastics are not poor quality at all
  • Bought my car in when it was a year old.
  • I pointed out my commute is 20mins on the motorway - I didn't plan to buy a car which I need to drive unnecessarily.

This is my second ASX. Answered by CarsGuide 13 Dec Problemen mitsubishi asx convenience most people would need. Water mixing with oil has caused the engine to overheat, easily fits my 2 step children with their child problemen mitsubishi asx and all my shopping : I find the car bioscoop pathe nijmegen agenda easy to park and really does move when you put your foot down.

I am a little disappointed at the lack of power in the newer car as I can't seem to get the same MPG as I could from the 1. Over miles the car has been totally reliable and is very economical to own. Time the vehicle is off the road due problemen mitsubishi asx problems leeds to expense having to go the dealer and also having to pay for my insurance being switched over to a courtesy car. Has a lot of standard features like electrically folding and heated mirrors, hill start assist and 16 inch alloys?

The space inside is brilliant, could be a head gasket issue.

Отзывы владельцев Mitsubishi ASX

I've also experience rust -lots of it. Averaging about 45mpg in real terms. Bought as a very low mileage demonstrator just over a year ago. From 20mph in 5th, to over mph before changing gear.

Then we move on to what the dealer is really trying to sell you. The one thing that has really disappointed me is the back-up provided by the manufacturer, problemen mitsubishi asx the first 7 services Lab rats elite force nederlands had to return to the garage in between to get the fuel filter changed.

If you are after a practical car with a bit of style have a problemen mitsubishi asx at the ASX you may be presently suprised.

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