About Us


UAC is an umbrella Organization for all African Communities in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Our activities are exclusively not-for-profit making. The union is constituted by leadership/representatives from 25 plus African Countries/communities (Immigrants, Refugees, Students, and Internationals) represented and living in this region.

Our Mission To foster unity, empowerment, linkages and improve the quality of life of Africans in Southwestern Pennsylvania, through acting upon the needs, concerns, challenges, and opportunities.

Our Vision To have a well informed, empowered and united African Communities in Southwestern Pennsylvania, entire United States and the African continent.

Our Goals/Objectives:

  1. To foster unity among African Community members.
  2. To empower and improve the quality of life of Africans in Southwestern Pennsylvania.
  3. To enhance linkages and bridge the gaps between Africans and other residents in Southwestern Pennsylvania.
  4. Identify community needs, concerns, and challenges and seek collaboration/partnership with other agencies to provide solutions.
  5. Create Awareness and provide a voice for Africans in Southwestern Pennsylvania.
  6. Promote African cultural heritage.
  7. Promote exchange programs and encourage business relationship with our respective African Countries.